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Oregon Literacy, Inc. Volunteer Tutor Tips  by Debra Sea

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Your Sense of Taste Hearing
Round the Maypole : Celebrating May Day The Superstitions that Baseball Players Have
The History of Mother's Day MOUNT ST. HELENS ERUPTS:
Memorial Day is May 27, 2002 The Can Opener
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Duct Tape Air Conditioning
It’s baseball season! Summer Solstice
Safety Tips for Fireworks! It's a HEAT WAVE!!!
Happy Columbus Day Horoscopes
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Treatment of Sprained Ankles

 I Have A Dream

Remembering September 11 Translating Classified Ads
Through the Looking Glass Columbus Day
Jimmy Carter wins The Nobel Peace Prize The Birthday Paradox
Happy Halloween It's Raining Cats & dogs
Robert Lewis Stevenson Happy Thanksgiving
The History of Paper Recovering from Thanksgiving

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Martin Luther King Birthday PEZ Candy
The Origin of Phrases (a few anyway) Happy Valentines Day!
Everyday is Valentines Day! What a Common Cold Is

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Celebrate Black History Month Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
Why is it called Hamburger?? The Cracked Pot
Carrot, Egg or Herb Tea The Value of Time
An Attitude of Gratitude The Blind Men & the Elephant
Merriam Webster Dictionary


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