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T.E.L.T Manual -  Training Effective Literacy Tutors 


Adapted from the Oregon State T.E.L.T. Manual

The material  found on this page was created by the State of Oregon.  This material has been been recently revised and is not complete, please use at your own discretion.  All materials posted on this page are in Microsoft Word format to allow the user to modify for their situation. 


Unit 1 - Introduction to T.E.L.T.

> Introduction to Literacy Tutoring

> Qualities of an Effective Tutor

> Overview of Literacy Tutoring

> Tips for Tutors

> Do’s & Don’ts of Tutoring

> Role of the Tutor

Unit 2 - The Adult Learner

> The Adult Learner

> Cultural Differences

> Learning Styles/Teaching Styles

> Assessment and Goal Setting


Unit 3 - ESL Techniques

> The ESL Student

> Vocabulary Development

> Conversation Skills

> Pronunciation


Unit 4 - ABE/GED Techniques

> Decoding

> Comprehension

> Spelling and Writing


Unit 5 - Putting It All Together

> Language Experience

> Materials

> Lesson Planning




Unit 6 - Math Techniques

> The Rationale for Teaching Math

> Concrete to Abstract

> Inside a Math Portfolio

> Math Materials: Matching Books to Skills

> Beyond Books: Math Activities




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