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This page contains links to software that has been designed and tested by instructors in the field. Please take a moment of your time to thank them. Select a link below to read about the software and download the program. 



Adult Basic Computer Skills Assessment - Kathleen Judy & Kathy Lancaster 

This program is an interactive computer literacy assessment for students in adult basic education. It is intended to:

  • Provide pre and post computer skill assessment of students enrolled in ABE computer classes

  • Determine whether a student has necessary computer skills to be successful in post secondary education or training

  • Determine if  a student has basic computer skills required to enter employment

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Scientific Notation - Kathleen Judy 

Scientific Notation is an introduction to that topic.  It can be used alone or with direct instruction. I have used it to help students get that extra few points needed to pass a test.

It is done in Toolbook and should work on any newer PC.

Download the program


Long Division - Kathleen Judy 

The Long Division program gives students control over unlimited practice.

The student chooses the number of digits in the divisor and dividend.  Then the problems are made using a random number generator which makes huge numbers of problems possible.

The "help" screen shows the current problem the student was given. This is done one color coded step at a time.  The student clicks for the next step to be shown.

The program will print, but if the type of problem is changed, printed information is not accurate.   I have the students write and work each problem on an assigned paper and turn that page in.

This program is not intended to be used without some form of direct instruction.

Download the program

Real Number Arithmetic - Kathleen Judy 

Real Number Arithmetic is randomized for unlimited, student directed practice with negative numbers.  The print to file option lets someone make a work sheet and answer sheet.  Click new question.  If it is a question that you want to include on the work sheet, hit Print to File. Repeat to add more questions. There will be two new text files created on the c:\ drive. One is the answers and the other the questions.  These can be opened in Word and reformatted, font changed or what ever the person wants to do.  After use, save the document as another title, and delete the original text files.  The program will just put new questions after old if the file is left there.

I have had some success with this program with my students who need extra practice, but some computers need the resolution adjusted for the text boxes and questions to fit.

 Download the program  

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