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January 2008

New Web Page!!!!!

Emerging Technology: Web 2 & Beyond...


New to the 50 Useful Page:

Heart Health ESL

ESL Curriculum - REEP

ESL Literacy & Civics


Family Reading


Distance Learning Projects



New to Teacher Toolbox:

23 Things to Catch Up On

Google for Education


New to Student Study Place:

Science Activity - Exploratorium


New to Distance Education Page:

Teaching Online: Best Practices & Tips

Ten Facts about Distance Education


New to BLOGS In Education

BLOGS in Plain English

Technorati - Blog Index



New to WIKIs in Education




New to Podcasting in Education

Podcasting in the Classroom


GED Classroom

GED Mathematics

Shoreline GED Math

Math Worksheets

Shoreline Reading Lessons

Five Paragraph Essay

Eureka Reading

Science Review

Science Lessons

Space Odyssey











Health Lessons

Easy to Read Health Information

Spanish Food Pyramid



ABE Reading Classroom Guide

Time to Read

Story of the Week (NALD)


ABE Language Classroom Guide

Cozy Online Spelling Course

Guide to Grammar


Student Study Place

NY Times Learning Network


Teacher's Toolbox

All Kinds of Worksheets

Learner's Toolbox


EL-Civics Lesson Plans

EL Lesson Bank

EL Civics from Virginia


EL Civics Classroom Guide

EL Civics Newcomer Tool Box 

Breaking News English  


ESL Lesson Plans 

Everything ESL (

Using English  

ESL Flow – Parts of Speech  

Audio for English Words (The Sounds of English)

ESL Independent Study Lab



ESL Classroom Guide

Communication Online Textbook


Science Lesson Plans 

NASA Explores


Computer Classroom Guide

Basic Computer and Mouse Skills  

Bare Bones 101: A basic tutorial on searching the  web.  

Computer Technology Assignments


Integration of Technology Lessons

How to Integrate Technology 


Microsoft Classroom Guide

Creative ways to use MS

Excel Fast Food Fun

Beaver Mountain Bike Tours: An Information Processing Simulation

Utah Desert Golf Classic: An Information Processing Simulation

Spreadsheet Lessons




Distance Education Page

Facts about Distance Education

Self Assessments for Technology Skills

Distance Education Delivery Systems


Computer Classroom Guide

Free Online Computer Courses- Jefferson High  School

TONIC - The Netskills Online Interactive Courses


Microsoft Lesson Plans

Working with Numbers

Working with Words

Career, Work and Business Lesson Plans

Using PowerPoint in the Classroom

Using MS Word in the Classroom


Student Study Page

Learn English Online

Grammar Resources

Grammar Lesson



New Ways to Communicate





Web Tools for Teachers

Create Interactive Online  Activities

Find Ready to use Interactive Online Activities




Microsoft Lesson Plans Page

Excel Classroom Templates

Excel Lesson Plans

Publisher Lesson Plans

Access Lesson Plans

Excel Tutorial



ABE Reading Classroom Guide

T-CALL Reading Framework


ABE Math Classroom Guide

ABC _ Math Literacy

What is Dyscalculia?


EL-Civics Classroom Guide

Beginning ESL - Civics Curriculum

Health Awareness - EL-Civics Curriculum


ESL Classroom Guide

TEFL NET - ESL Activities


GED Classroom Guide

T-CALL - Handbook of GED Lessons


Family Literacy Classroom Guide

Practitioners Toolkit

Family Literacy Curriculum


Student Page

Purple Math

CNN Education News


Teacher Tools

Adult Literacy Education (ALE) Wiki!

Technology Plan

EL - Civics Resource Guide

ESL Resource Guide


Integration of Technology

Meeting the needs of Adult Learners

Captured Wisdom - Projects in Technology


Distance Education Page

Activities for Online Courses





Integration of Technology Classroom Guides:

Word Processing



Presentation Software


Web Browser

Internet Resources

Web Tools


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