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Basic Percents

Complete courses and tutorials for more than 120 different vocational and academic disciplines are available on Free-Ed.


Math Practice

Provides revolutionary ways for students, parents, teachers, and everyone to learn math.


Interactive Math

This Online Course offers complete instruction on any/all arithmetic topics.


Create a Graph  

Creating a graph with your data or their data.



Math review material from Algebra to Differential Equations!

The site says that it is a free resource for math review material from Algebra to Differential Equations with more than 2,500 Math pages filled with short and easy-to-understand explanations. 



Understanding Percents

Self-directed interactive math lessons on building an understanding for percent.


Introduction to Algebra

Students studying the beginning of Algebra may benefit from this site.


BJ Pinchbeckís Homework Helper

Homework help site - all subjects covered.




Treasure Hunting On The Internet

The librarians who create these sites are experts at treasure hunting.  Start with the library sites listed here. 

The Internet Public Library

Library Index



Internet (Netiquette Pre/Post Test)

The Netiquette Quiz can be used as a pre-test for email manners when using the Internet.   



Typing Master

It allows a student to take a timed writing (1-, 2-, 3-, 5-, 10-minute timed writing, print out the certificate for my signature, or to attach to a resume.


Rating   35/40

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Cracking the Code

This website streamlines the video - Cracking the Code.  It is an excellent nova movie about genetics.


Earth Like a Puzzle

This website introduces the student to the concept of plate tectonics.


Live from the Storm

This site explores the who, what, where, when and why of weather concepts.




National Institute of Mental Health

This is a web site that focuses on mental health information and research that can be helpful to the average lay person seeking information on Health and Research findings.

Summary Rating    34 /40 Rating Details How to use


Health Risk Assessment -- Free!

Now you can take a free, confidential and personalized health risk assessment online


Test Your Knowledge Of Anxiety Disorders

Visit the web site for the National Institute of Mental Health to gain useful information about the different types of disorders as well as effective treatments.  Also, take a quiz to test your knowledge of anxiety disorders.


Manage Your Stress; Donít Let Stress Manage You  

The following website will give you an opportunity to evaluate your stress reduction skills and give you some guidelines for developing your stress management skills. 



Family Literacy


Parenting Teenagers

This is a wonderful, free site for use by parents.  There are lots of practical applications available to parents, based on good sound research principles.


Parenting -

This is a comprehensive site for parent resource information. It focuses on all kinds of challenges from developmental issues to communication issues.



Social Studies


The Gentleman's Page

The Lively Arts History Association presents the Gentleman's Page: a resource for those who wish to look and act like; or perhaps better understand, the 19th Century American man. 



This site is an introduction to basic concepts on economics and contains information, quizzes, activities and links to various online resources to learn more about our global economy.


American Defenders of Land, Sea & Sky

This is a tour of American historical events surrounding major wars. 


Infoplease U.S. History

This site uses an almanac for numerous lists of facts, dates and timelines, events, etc.



The database consists of famous people and famous events. People entries consist of the name, short description, which category they were famous for, and birth and death dates. 


The White House: Government

This site is sponsored by the White House, so it obviously has some bias toward the current President.  However, this gives the reader an overview of the Cabinet, key Councils and offices under executive control, major speeches, and an overview of the government itself. 





News Stories

The following web pages focus on utilizing local, regional, and national news stories for educational purposes. 


BBC Skillwise

There are over 150 online auditory articles to which to listen and take quizzes. Although the stories are chosen based on what may be of broadest interest to the UK audience, this is still a good site for practice in English for our global society.





A classic format for compositions is the five paragraph essay.  Utilize this user-friendly website to help you practice and succeed at this form of writing.



This website offers a concise guide to important grammar and punctuation rules.



Visit this site and get many great links that will help you identify and understand subjects, verbs, prepositions, modifiers, and many more writing terms that can confuse writers.  This site also offers helpful practice exercises that will test your knowledge of important writing concepts.  




The ESL Wonderland

There are six interactive ESL activities on the site. 


The ESL Site - NEWS

The site says that it provides up-to-date news stories from around the world although it appears that the last stories published were in April 2003.


WRN - World Radio Network

A leading global broadcasting and transmission company and service provider similar to BBC.


Lingua Center

There are only four interactive activities on the site.  Listeners need to be able to access RealAudio Player. 




Body Language During a Job Interview

Check out this great website for useful information and techniques on how you can use body language to your advantage during a job interview.



This is a comprehensive site for mapping out a career plan.  



About Goal Setting

Short activity for focusing on goals as they relate to life planning. 



This site offers advice on resume writing, interviewing, job hunting and career development.  


O*NET Online

This interactive site offers a skills-search feature that enables you to match your skills with O*NET occupations


Wall Street Journal Career Site

The Wall Street Journalís career site offers in-depth articles on job hunting, networking, salary searches and much, much more.

There are over 200 pages of information sorted by topic and region.


FlipDog Job Seeking Resource

Comprehensive resource for finding employment, including the ability to write and post a resume anywhere in the U.S. 


Center for Employment Opportunity

Short activity for focusing on job readiness as it relates to placement in the job market for ex-offenders.


How to Be a Successful Student



This web article, written by Paul Christenbury explains that for goal setting to be effective, it requires more than just writing down what you want to achieve.  



Making time for yourself can be difficult in this over-scheduled world of ours.  Jennifer Ottolino shares ten strategies to help you gain control over your time so you can spend more of it doing what you love.



 Author Talia Mana offers time management tips that can help you get more accomplished without feeling stressed out and overwhelmed.



This website explains the characteristics of procrastinators, reasons for procrastination, and some suggestions on how you can reduce or eliminate procrastination in your life.


Enhancing Note Taking Skills for Students with Mild Disabilities

Here is a website devoted to enhancing note-taking skills of students with mild disabilities.


Mind Map - A Powerful Approach to Note Taking

This informative website will discuss the advantages of mind maps and how to use them.


How to Get Your Class Notes in Shape

Here are more note taking strategies that include some great time management tips, too!


Effective Note Taking

 Check out this website to learn the basic rules for effective note-taking.


Perception and Listening

Open this home page to gain access to links such as " How We Listen" and Listening Behaviors."


Four Principles of Interpersonal Communications

There are four principles that underlie the workings in real life of interpersonal communication.  This website explains these four principles in clear, concise language.


Decoding Body Language

This short web article will describe the two basic groups of body language postures and how they are used




Mistake Phobia is Common

Dr. Ginger Blume discusses the characteristics exhibited by people who suffer from mistake phobia, and she offers some solutions for positive change.


   Be Test Wise

  Here is a website that suggests great techniques for approaching test taking with confidence. 


Have a Hassle-Free Holiday

This in-depth article by Psychologist Dorothy Cantor, Psy.D. offers some great advice on how to deal with holiday stress.  


The VARK Questionnaire

A short assessment that will give you useful information about your preferred learning style and how you can use your learning preference to your advantage.


Give Yourself an Energy Boost

Read this article and learn three ways to pump up your life.


Scholarship Opportunities for Students with Learning Disabilities

Here is a list of scholarships for students with learning disabilities.


Mnemonic Techniques and Specific Memory Tricks to Improve Memory

What are mnemonics?   Visit this site to learn some specific mnemonic memory tricks.


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Memories, Theories and Processes

This website will help you understand the roles that encoding, storage, and retrieval play in memory and why some memory techniques work and some donít.


Memory and Related Learning Principles

This website offers some great learning principles that can assist you in increasing your capacity to retain and recall information. - Memory Exercises

Here are some great memory exercises for you to try alone or with a friend.  


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