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June 2005


America's Literacy Directory

Looking to find locations near you where Adult Education services are provided?  Check out America's Literacy Directory (ALD).  Click on the "America's Literacy Directory" button on the NW LINCS home page to find what you need.


Adult Education Professional Development Online Course

AEPro, the Online Professional Development project of the Ohio Literacy Resource Center, the Center for Literacy Studies in Tennessee, and national LINCS, is pleased to offer to individual practitioners an online professional development course,
"Integrating Technology into the Classroom Using the Internet."

The course will be offered two times: June 13-July 18 and July 5-August 8.

The course requires approximately 2 hours of time per week.

To register for the course, go to and use the Register button on the left panel. Cost is $99 per person and a discount of 10% is available for 5 or more registrations paid from one source.

The course helps adult education practitioners learn how to successfully integrate computer technology into the classroom. This six weeks course provides quick access to educational resources, lesson plans, activities, tools for evaluating educational software, information about purchasing education software, and knowledge on using a variety of software in the classroom. The course will be facilitated by Linda Eckert. Questions about the content of the course should be addressed to her at

Jean J. Stephens, Director
Center for Literacy Studies
600 Henley St., Suite 312
Knoxville, TN 37996-4135
865-974-3857 Fax



December 2004


ABE Math Classroom Guide

EITC Math Instruction


August 2004 Update


Teacher Toolbox

New Section: Technology Tools

Professional Development: Teaching Adult Learner

Useful Lit of Classroom Management Tools


Student Page

Northern Edge

The Money Instructor


Integration of Technology

Web Toolbox - Quick Start

Fill-in-the-Blank Web Tools


Computer Online Classroom Guide

Tutorials for Word 97 & Office 2000


Family Literacy

Learn That! Parenting Modules

REEP ESL/EL Curriculum


EL-Civics Online Classroom Guide

REEP Curriculum

EL Health Curriculum

Virginia EL Curriculum


ESL Lesson Plans

Business English

ESL Internet Projects


GED Classroom

Introduction to GED

GED Project with Videos






July 2004 - Update


Wyoming Math Project 

New - Pre/post Math GED Test

New Interactive GED Math Student Activities

(A NW LINCS Pilot Site - 2004)


Wyoming GED Transition to College

Site is under construction. Please Browse and let us know what you think.


Montana Integration of Technology in the Classroom

New Social Studies Lessons

New Study Skills Lessons

(A NW LINCS Pilot Site 2004)


Family Literacy Reading Resources:

Ten keys to Reading Achievement

"Listed under Family Reading"


Oregon Even Start Technology Lessons

8 Lessons to use in an Even Start program using technology

(A NW LINCS Pilot Site 2004)


Alaska EL Lessons for the Internet

8 lessons to use in the EL Classroom

(A NW LINCS Pilot Site 2004)


July NW Reviewers Update

New Study Skills Resources




June 2004 - Update

From The NW LINCS Site:

Wyoming EL-Civics Cookbook Treasures

Wyoming Math Project - Interactive Crossword Puzzles

Montana LINCS Pilot Site - Social Studies Activities

Kaizen ESL Sight Impaired Site:

Notes on the Needs of New English Learners with Vision Limitations

Volunteers Page:

Boise Learning Lab

NW LINCS Reviewer Page

Study Skills Resources

Math Practice


From The National LINCS Network:

Western Pacific LINCS:

Fannie Mae's "How to Buy a House"

Science Special Collections - What is Science?

ESL Special Collections - New design

Midwest LINCS:

Assessment Special Collections - New updates

Southern LINCS:

Training manual for introducing Work Place Development 


May 2004 - Update


New Pages

Kaizen ESL Page for Sight-Impaired

Wyoming GED Transition to College Workshops

Wyoming Interactive Student Math Activities

Top Ten NW LINCS Pages

Wyoming EL-Civics Lessons

Software & Web Sites used in NW Adult Ed Programs


Added Resources to the NW LINCS Site 

April NW Reviewers Update



April 2004 - Update


New Pages

LINCS Research Page 

(Select the Research Button on the left)

50 Useful Adult Education Sites

New updated NW LINCS Showcase


Added Resources to the NW LINCS Site

Life Skills Lessons

Driving License Tests(35) and Sign Activity

Teacher ToolBox

Policy Makers' Primer on Education Research

Weekly Current Events with Internet Activity

National Literacy Test from England

Helping Teachers use the Internet

GED Classroom Guide

Science - Human body and Mind Student Activities

Family Literacy Classroom Guide

Basic Health information

K-12 Math and Reading Activities

Student Success Page

Study Skills Site with Videos

General Math Study Skills Test

ABE Reading Classroom Guide

Main Idea Reading Online Tutorial

Reading Basic Skills Online Test

Computer Classroom Guide 

Computer Skills Self Assessment

ABE Math Classroom Guide

Math Lessons with Pre & Post

Math Basic Skills Online Test

Career Place

Office/Computer Skills Self assessment



March 2004 - Update

New Page

Kansas Computer Technology Competencies & Lessons

Technology Barriers Survey Results


Added Resources to the NW LINCS Site

EL-Civics Classroom Guides

Election 2004 & Community Empowerment

ABE Language Classroom Guide

Visual Thesaurus

ABE Math Classroom Guide

Worksheet Generator & Problem Solving, Online Math Problems

Student Study Place

National Geographic & New York Times Lessons

Microsoft Lesson Plans

Tennessee Lessons using Microsoft Software

Student Success Page

Health Calculator - Measure Your Nutrition

Teachers ToolBox

Teachable Moments & Adjusting Teaching Style

Technology Integration in the Classroom Lesson Plans

How to use Technology in the Classroom

ESL Classroom Guide

130 Short ESL Lessons

Family Literacy Classroom Guide

Reading Rockets!!




February 2004 - Update


New Pages!!!

Rated NW Reviewed Resources

How to be a Successful Student


Added Resources to the NW Site:

Math Lesson Plans 


New Software Review

ABE Math Classroom Guide

Everyday Math & Exercises

Family Literacy

Reading & Writing Curriculum for the Family

Student Page

New Downloadable Calculators

GED Online Classroom Guide

Charting Guides with Lessons

Illinois GED Lesson Plan Database

Teacher Toolbox

The GED Thinking Classroom 

Reading Research  (direct instruction)



January 2004 - Update


NW Reviewers Page

10 new resources added...Watch for the rated reviewed resource page next month!!!

ESL Classroom

Worksheet for ESL II

Teacher ToolBox

Vivisimo Indexed Search Engine

How to use Video & Audio in the Classroom

GED Teaching Tips

ABE Math Classroom

Math Reference Tables

Math Quizzes

GED Classroom

Oregon GED Lessons from Chemeketa Community College

Help with Algebra

Student Study Page

Math Formulas for GED

Math Tips

Student Study Skills




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The NW LINCS Page! Now operating through the University of Idaho, housed at the University of Idaho. This site provides a link to national, regional and state specific resource material for adult literacy practitioners and students. Web sites have been developed for each partner in the seven Northwest states -- Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Alaska.

 Karen Brees is the LINCS Coordinator for the region.  Please contact her  to just chat or to offer suggests for the NW LINCS Project.

Karen Brees 


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The Region

The region is in the process of developing Quality Initiative II. Click on the below link to learn more about this region-wide program improvement activities.

Quality Initiative Page

National LINCS site

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