Web 2.0 In Education

23 Things to do to Explore Web 2 Home

What is Web 2.0...

O'Reilly - The Beginning WIKI-Pedia - Web 2.0 Video - Sitepoint Web 2.0

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Social Networking... 

Social Networking in Plain English To Embrace or Not Schools Embrace Social Networking
Facebook - evolving from time waster to academic study Teaching Social Networking Skills Social Networking & Its Impact on Students

Web 2.0 - New Ways to Access Internet Resources

Social Book Marking in Plain English RSS In Plain English Weblogs in Plain English
Del.icio.us Social Booking Marking Google RSS Reader Technorati Blog Index

Uses & Examples Web 2.0

Second Life Virtual World My Space YouTube
Flickr ELGG TeacherTube

Web 2.0 Applications

GOOGLE DOCS Open Office Write Board

Web 2.0 A Tools

100 Top Education Tools Tools for Web 2.0  
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