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What is a Podcast...

 WikiPedia: What is podcasting?

Encyclopedia of Education & Technology: What is Podcasting?

Podcasts In Education: Articles...

Educause: There’s Something in the Air: Podcasting


Podcasting & Education: What we can learn from students

Podcasting as a teaching/learning  strategy  

PODCON: General Articles for Podcasting

Education World: Resources, Articles & General Information   Edupodder: Podcasting in Education Sessions
LearninginHand: Articles & How to’s   Handheld Devices for Learning

Uses for Podcasting in Education...

Uses for Podcasting from an Educator


WIKIPedia Uses of Podcasting

Educational uses for podcasting


BLOG Discussion: The uses for podcasting in education

How to create a Podcast...

Online Workshop  to create a podcast


How to create a podcast using Windows

Things to know about podcasting


A WIKI Workshop for Podcasting

Where to go to Podcast...

The Education Podcast Network


An Introduction to Podcasting

Resources for Podcasts

LearninginHand: Resources in Podcasting


Literacy Assistance Center: BLOGS, Podcasts & Wikis

Podcasting Directory for Education


Articles & Resources for Podcasting

Edupodder: Podcasting in Education


Apple Podcasting Resources

Fordham University: Podcasting for Teachers & Learners


Podcasting in the Classroom

Classroom Podcasts for ESL

Englisgcaster: ESL podcasts   English with the TechTutor
Interesting Things for ESL Students   ESLPod
TIMAC – ESL Podcasts   The Linguist: Online English learning System with podcasts.
Literacy & Family Podcasts    
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